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Our Goal Then and Now Is to Provide Quality on Time Projects

The future today...

Our company’s mission is to visualize the future and provide technology driven solutions to present problems.

Leave a legacy and help the economy by educating companies the importance of embracing technology and the future of business.

Digital Solutions

For your Business Needs

At Sinaya Labs, We proactively provide suggestions to our clients based on our research and we partner with them in making sure that the technology we create and implement will really help their cause.

binary code, binary, binary system

Turnkey Solutions

Your core process digitized.

Machine Learning

Empowering your business with the help of AI and Big Data.

Application Development

Aiding your Companies Needs.


Your gateway to Online Consumers

Systems Engineering

Ground up solutions as practiced in the IT Industry.


Your infrastructure on demand.

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Our Partners and Projects

SMEs We’ve help and a few projects tinkering with AI and App Development.

Trust us! We give our clients a five star service.
Sinaya Labs fulfilled the technological gap on my small and thriving company. They helped my business grow.

They will really teach you to be independent in basic technology. Saves you a lot of money for technical support that you can do.
Public Relations Officer
Sinaya Labs treats you as their partner... They truly provide excellent customer service.

Purchasing Officer
Great partner for a start up company. They help you get started on your digital journey without hurting your budget.

Vape Store Owner
Get your company online today!

We build websites that really works.

Where design meets functionality. We do not just create a fancy brochure type website but a fully functional e-commerce and multi platform adaptive website. We cater to what you need, may it be an online store, e-learning platform, digital download shop or as simple as a personal site. We will guide you every step of the way.


Most frequent questions and answers

We offer various types of website themes. From online store with physical inventory to digital download stores. we can create an informational website or an e-learning platform. All of these can be integrated with e-commerce / online payment. So basically, we cater whatever you need.

Absolutely NOT! We offer self-maintaining websites and teach our customers to be independent on basic technology. Saves you from high monthly service and maintenance fees. But sure, if you get into a roadblock in maintaining your site,  your Sinaya Labs partner will be there for you.

Sinaya Labs pricing depends on the complexity and amount of man hours to be used in the development of the application, site or technology solution. Our company is very competitive when it comes to pricing compared to other Companies. Price starts at 25k Php. for a basic informational website and 40k Php. for basic e-commerce website (excluding Web and Domain hosting fees). Please contact us for a FREE quotation and assessment.

Yes! we offer almost all I.T. related services. Contact us now for a free consultation!

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